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It’s Fair Time

August 13th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, Golf, health

The fair is here!  If you are a local you know I’m talking about the Pierce County Fair.  It’s fair time and with it comes malts, pie, corn dogs….the food list is endless.  Today I thought I would put together a list of how we can keep the fair foods fat-loss friendly.  So, here we go

  1. Eat protein.  Hamburger, hot dog, brats, chicken…..find a food that has protein in it.  The protein will fill you up and keep you full.
  2. Find veggies.  I know veggies are not popular during fair time, but if you can find some eat them.  The fiber will keep your cravings at bay.  Try veggies on a baked potato
  3. Share the deep fried food with your friend.  (I don’t think that one needs explaining)
  4. Drink water.  Increase your water intake so you feel full and the water will help flush the extra sodium out of you (from the fried foods)
  5. Walk around.  You can reach your 10,000 steps easily during a day at the fair.

Where ever you are enjoy your county fair, city fair or state fair.  Try some new foods and check out the new exhibits and maybe I’ll see you at the fair!



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How to keep going

August 6th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness

Reaching your goals is all about being consistent.  The reason people fall short of reaching their goal is because they stop being consistent.  Being consistent means doing what it takes day after day even if you get bored or feel like you don’t want to, you keep at it because you want to reach your goal.

Exercise is typically one of those goals for most people.  They want to lose weight, tone up, get healthy but without consistent exercise and nutrition you won’t make it to your goal.  You have to find exercise that you like to do because then you will continue to do it.  You also need to find a workout buddy.  Studies have shown people who workout together exercise longer, are more likely to reach their goals and they enjoy the workout because they are doing it with a friend.  Using a personal trainer is a great way to stay consistent.  They will tell you exactly what you should be doing and hold you accountable.  If you don’t want to use a trainer in-person online training is for you then.  Online training is similar to in-person training except you workout with a virtual trainer.  I give my clients their workouts every Monday.  Each exercise comes with a video to watch.  I can also see if someone has been doing their workouts or not doing their workouts so I can give you a push when you need it.  Online training is typically cheaper then in-person training and it works great for those people who like to workout at home or travel a lot.  The workouts are geared for your body, your goals and for where you workout.

Learn more about online training at


So grab a buddy and stay consistent and you will reach your goals this year!

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Grocery Store Shopping

July 7th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, Golf, health, nutrition

3 Tips on How to  Grocery Shop for Fat Loss

1. Shop the perimeter of the store.  The fruits, veggies, meat and dairy are all kept along the perimeter of the store.  If you want to stay away from chips, cookies..etc then don’t go down the middle aisles.

2.  Take some time to write down what you are going to eat for each meal, then make a grocery list of all the food you need to buy.  Stick to the list.  If it is not on the list don’t buy it

3.  Don’t grocery shop hungry.  You will end up with a cart full of chips and cookies.   Have a snack before you go to the store.

If you would rather someone else do the grocery shopping and meal planning for you check this out

You don’t have to worry about grocery shopping anymore!

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Summer Workout

June 5th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition, personal training

The warm weather is here!  We all want to be outside enjoying the sun but don’t forget to take some time to get in your workouts.  You worked hard all winter so don’t let the warm weather derail your goals.

If you go to a gym here are some tips you can do to make your strength workout shorter yet still effective:

1. Don’t take a break unless you need to.  Most people waste so much time taking breaks when they really don’t need to.

2. Focus on large muscle groups: legs, back, chest and shoulders

3. Lift heavier weights with less reps/sets

4. Do 1 exercise for each large muscle group: squats, deadlift, push ups, row, plank


If you workout at home, here is quick body weight workout you can follow 3 days a week

click here to watch video


These tips will help keep you on track towards your goals even during the summer months!


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Healthy Holiday Tips

May 21st, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, Golf, health, nutrition

Here are a couple of quick and easy tips you can do this weekend to make your holiday fat-loss friendly.

1.  Hold the bun.  Replace hot dog and hamburger buns with lettuce leaves

2.  Fill your plate with veggies, protein and fruit then the sweets or chips

3.  Snack on veggies and hummus or veggies and guacamole

4.  Drink water between each alcoholic beverage.  It will fill you up faster

5.  Get off the chair and go play a game of volleyball, tag, tennis.  Just move your body.

Have a happy Memorial Day!

Fruit Flag

Fruit Flag

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Fitness trackers-which one to get

May 4th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, fitness trackers, health, nutrition, personal training

It seems like everyone is making fitness trackers.  There is Nike, UP, FitBit, MisFit….etc just to name a few.  If you haven’t bought a fitness tracker yet or maybe you are looking to upgrade here is a run down of the most popular fitness trackers.

1.  Figure out what you want from the fitness tracker.  Do you want something the tracks your heart rate, do you want something that you can wear swimming, do you want something that has GPS on it, do you want something that tracks your steps.

2.  Figure out how much you are willing to pay.  You can find fitness trackers from $50.00-300.00+

Once you have figured out what you want to use the fitness tracker for and your price range, here is a run-down of some of the most popular ones:

Jawbone UP24-Tracks your steps and your sleep cycles.  It is sleek and comfortable to wear.  Downside-it does not have a display so you have to sync it to your phone to look at the readout.

FitBit-FitBits have a wide range to choose from.  The newest and most popular is the FitBit Charge HR.  It comes with a heart rate monitor (no chest strap needed).  It tracks, activity, sleep, steps, and calories burned.  Downside-not waterproof and does not have any smart watch functionality beyond caller ID.

Garmin Vivosmart-this fitness tracker counts steps, measures sleep, reminds you to move, it’s waterproof and it sends you notifications.

Mio Fuse-this fitness tracker is for anyone who does interval training or needs to keep their heart rate at a certain number.  It also tracks steps, distance and calories burned.  It is also water-resistant.  Downside-it does not track your sleep.

There are so many fitness trackers in the market so make sure to do your homework before you decide which one is right for you.


To buy your Fitbit click the link below:

Fitbit makes activity tracking easy and automatic.

To buy your UP24 tracker UP 24 by Jawbone - Bluetooth Enabled - Medium - Bulk Packaging - Onyx

To buy your Garmin Vivosmart Garmin Vivosmart - Black (Large)

To buy your Mio Fuse Mio FUSE Heart Rate Training + Activity Tracker.

Have fun with your new fitness tracker!

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Gourmet Meals

April 10th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition

gourmet  meals, fast and healthy


Fast and healthy probably isn’t what you think of when you hear the words “gourmet meals” but that is what we are bringing to you.  Ptacek’s IGA and Body Works have teamed up to bring you gourmet meals that are easy to prepare no matter what level of cook  you are.  This service provides you with recipes for 3 meals (that feed 2 people per meal or 4 people per meal), Ptacek’s IGA does the grocery shopping for you.  All you have to do is go to Ptacek’s IGA on Monday’s and pick up your groceries.  While you are there you can pick up what you need for the rest of the week and then head home.

These meals are portion controlled for you and they are all healthy recipes (meaning lower in calories, sodium and fat).  The groceries are about 90% organic so you can feel good knowing you are feeding your family healthy meals with no added chemicals.

I know it can be scary thinking you have to cook the food, but the recipes are very easy to follow.  Most recipes take less then 30 minutes and even beginners can follow them!  And what if you don’t like something in the box???  This idea is also about trying new foods.  Why do you think it is ok to say “I don’t like sweet potatoes” even though you have never tried them.  It’s the same thing as your boss telling you “I’m giving you a raise.” and you say “no thanks I don’t want a raise because I don’t know what it’s like to have more money”    Sounds ridiculous right.  It’s just like your mom always told you-don’t say you don’t like it unless you try it.  Also, did you know your taste buds can change?  Yup, maybe you tried sweet potatoes as a kid and didn’t like them, well try them again maybe cooked a different way and you just may like them!  So, be adventurous and give new foods a chance.

Another great thing about this service is the meal planning is done for you.  You don’t have to worry about what you are going to be feeding the family for 3 suppers.  It is taken care of for you!  No more frozen pizza’s that are loaded with fat, calories, saturated fat and sodium.  Yes, frozen pizzas and other frozen meals may be cheaper but they are so bad for you.  Do you think it is OK to feed your kids a food that is high in fat, calories, and sodium?  I have never heard a parent say, “Yes, I want to feed my kids the worst foods.  Yes, I want to feed them foods that are bad for them”  Nope, I’ve never heard that, yet that is what you are doing when you whip up the box of hamburger helper.  Take a second to think about that………..Now WHY are you not using this service?  You will be teaching your kids how to cook healthy, easy recipes.  You will be teaching them that healthy foods don’t mean bland and boring and you will be helping them and you be healthier.

Click on the link (or copy and paste into your browser) to learn more about the Gourmet Meal service

What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You decide it’s not a good fit for your family.  OK, then cancel.  No big deal.  BUT don’t decide you don’t like it until you have tried it!




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Cabbage Wrap

March 27th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition

Chicken Cabbage Wrap

I have been trying out new recipes lately and I found one I wanted to share with you.  This is a perfect lunch “sandwich”

2 large cabbage leaves

2 pre-cooked chicken breast tenders

hummus-any flavor

1/2 cup shredded carrots

cucumber slices

wash and dry the cabbage leaves.  spread 1 TBSP of hummus down center of each cabbage leaf.  Layer chicken, carrots and cucumber slices.  Fold up and enjoy!

Cabbage Wraps 088

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Train like a Man

March 13th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition, personal training

Train Like A Man

A lot of women who go on a diet and exercise plan with their husbands get frustrated when they see their husband losing weight faster.  I get asked all the time “why is he losing weight when he eats chips.  I don’t eat anything and I still am not losing as much weight as he is”.  I use to say “it’s hormones, men are different then women…etc”  That is true, but the more I thought about it and the more I watched men vs women working out at the gym the more my opinion changed.

When men want to lose weight they go to the gym and pick up the heavy weights and start lifting.  When women want to lose weight they go to the gym and head for the treadmill.  And there is the secret……..get off the treadmill and lift some heavy weights.  Cardio alone is not going to help you lose the weight you want or make your body look the way you want it to look.  Strength training will help you reach your goals.  And please put down the 5lbs weights!  Seriously, your purse weighs more then 5lbs and you carry that around all day!  Pick up a weight that is heavy enough that you can feel your muscles working by the last few reps.  Then every month increase the weight your lifting by 2%.  You will see a difference in your body shape.

The other thing that men do differently then women when trying to lose weight:  it is not an emotional thing for them.  They don’t say ” this food is bad, this food is good.  I’m a bad person if I eat that…etc”  For them food is just food.  Women-get out of your own head.  Food is not good or bad.  You are not a bad person if you eat a candy bar.  If a guy eats a doughnut he doesn’t dwell on it for the rest of the day.  I’m not saying to go out there and eat junk food, but I am saying if you do stop dwelling on it.  You ate it, so move on.  It doesn’t mean you blew your diet.  It means you ate it ( I hope you enjoyed it otherwise don’t eat it) and now continue on with your day.

Next time you wonder why your guy is losing weight and your not, try picking up the heavy weights at the gym and stop worrying so much-you will see a change.

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Get Ready for Spring

February 24th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, Golf, health, nutrition, personal training

Get Ready for Spring

It might not seem like it, but spring is right around the corner.  That means we will start doing activites outside like gardening, tennis, baseball, golf…etc.

After sitting inside all winter it will be a welcome change to get outside in the sunshine!  But what happens to a lot of people is they get hurt when they start doing their activity.  Why?  because all of these activites require a strong core and twisting movements.  When your core is weak your risk of injury is very high.  This summer let’s put our low back pain to rest with these core workouts.  Do these exercises now so you will feel ready for an activity that comes your way.


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