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Cabbage Wrap

March 27th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition

Chicken Cabbage Wrap

I have been trying out new recipes lately and I found one I wanted to share with you.  This is a perfect lunch “sandwich”

2 large cabbage leaves

2 pre-cooked chicken breast tenders

hummus-any flavor

1/2 cup shredded carrots

cucumber slices

wash and dry the cabbage leaves.  spread 1 TBSP of hummus down center of each cabbage leaf.  Layer chicken, carrots and cucumber slices.  Fold up and enjoy!

Cabbage Wraps 088

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Train like a Man

March 13th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition, personal training

Train Like A Man

A lot of women who go on a diet and exercise plan with their husbands get frustrated when they see their husband losing weight faster.  I get asked all the time “why is he losing weight when he eats chips.  I don’t eat anything and I still am not losing as much weight as he is”.  I use to say “it’s hormones, men are different then women…etc”  That is true, but the more I thought about it and the more I watched men vs women working out at the gym the more my opinion changed.

When men want to lose weight they go to the gym and pick up the heavy weights and start lifting.  When women want to lose weight they go to the gym and head for the treadmill.  And there is the secret……..get off the treadmill and lift some heavy weights.  Cardio alone is not going to help you lose the weight you want or make your body look the way you want it to look.  Strength training will help you reach your goals.  And please put down the 5lbs weights!  Seriously, your purse weighs more then 5lbs and you carry that around all day!  Pick up a weight that is heavy enough that you can feel your muscles working by the last few reps.  Then every month increase the weight your lifting by 2%.  You will see a difference in your body shape.

The other thing that men do differently then women when trying to lose weight:  it is not an emotional thing for them.  They don’t say ” this food is bad, this food is good.  I’m a bad person if I eat that…etc”  For them food is just food.  Women-get out of your own head.  Food is not good or bad.  You are not a bad person if you eat a candy bar.  If a guy eats a doughnut he doesn’t dwell on it for the rest of the day.  I’m not saying to go out there and eat junk food, but I am saying if you do stop dwelling on it.  You ate it, so move on.  It doesn’t mean you blew your diet.  It means you ate it ( I hope you enjoyed it otherwise don’t eat it) and now continue on with your day.

Next time you wonder why your guy is losing weight and your not, try picking up the heavy weights at the gym and stop worrying so much-you will see a change.

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Get Ready for Spring

February 24th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, Golf, health, nutrition, personal training

Get Ready for Spring

It might not seem like it, but spring is right around the corner.  That means we will start doing activites outside like gardening, tennis, baseball, golf…etc.

After sitting inside all winter it will be a welcome change to get outside in the sunshine!  But what happens to a lot of people is they get hurt when they start doing their activity.  Why?  because all of these activites require a strong core and twisting movements.  When your core is weak your risk of injury is very high.  This summer let’s put our low back pain to rest with these core workouts.  Do these exercises now so you will feel ready for an activity that comes your way.


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Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2015    Posted in fitness, health, nutrition

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This year try this healthy and delicious smoothie to kick off valentine’s day with your sweetie.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie

1 cup of milk

1 cup of frozen cherries

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

1 tsp of cocoa powder

2 tsp of dry chocolate pudding mix

Blend together and enjoy!


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Sunshine Smoothie

January 22nd, 2015    Posted in fitness, health

It’s January and in the midwest that usually means cold, snow, and gray days.  Well this morning I decided to make sunshine in a cup.

This smoothie turned out delicious and I wanted to share it with you.  I hope it brightens your morning too!


Sunshine Smoothie

1/3 cup orange juice

1/4 cup water

2oz of Fage greek yogurt

1/2 cup of frozen strawberries

1/4 cup frozen pineapple

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

Blend together until smooth

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Small Changes-Big Results

January 8th, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution?  Remember small changes lead to big progress in the end.  Since a majority of the people who make New Year’s resolution’s make it around dieting or losing weight I thought I would be together a list of small changes you can do right now that will lead to big progress over time.

1.  Swap mayo on your sandwich for avocado or mustard.  The avocado may have more fat grams then the mayo you are using, but it is healthy fat and avocados have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels over time.  Mustard is a great choice if you want something tangy on your sandwich and not adding many calories.

2.  Move.  If you sit at a desk all day try setting your computer timer to 1 hour.  When your timer goes off, get up and take a lap around your office.  Moving your body will not only help you burn some calories, but it will help you be more alert and ease the tension in your shoulders from typing.

3.  Drink more water.  Water makes you feel full.  Try drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry, if you are still hungry after drinking your glass of water then have a snack.  Usually, when we feel hungry it’s actually because we are thirsty.

4.  Eat at home.  Making your meals at home can save you 1,000 calories or more!  Restaurants serve way to big of portion sizes.  You don’t need to eat all that.  Try cooking 1 more meal  a week at home then you normally do.  You will save calories and money.

5.  Get enough sleep.  If you are sleep deprived you will start becoming more hungry and you will overeat.  Studies have shown adults need between 7-8 hours of sleep each night.  Figure out how much sleep you need and try to get it every night.



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New Year’s Resolutions-Yes or No

January 1st, 2015    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition, personal training

With 2015 starting everyone is talking about making their New Years Resolutions.  Most people make a fitness or diet New Years resolution and 80% of those people will stop going to the gym or dieting after 4 weeks, another 10% will stop after 8 weeks.  That leaves 10% of the people in March still trying to make their New Years resolution work.

This year I’m going to suggest a different way to attack your New Years fitness/diet resolution.  First, choose a plan you can stick with long term.  Any product that claims rapid weight-loss is not sustainable for a long time.  Plus, you will gain all the weight back you lost so quickly.  Second, decide what it is you really want and be specific.  Saying I want to lose weight is different then saying I want to lose 20lbs.   Once you become specific with your goals you can make a plan to get you there.  Third, get help/support.  If you don’t have any idea how to lose weight or how to start an exercise program, find a professional that can help you or even ask your friends what they do.  Make sure your family and friends are supportive of your goals.  Let them know this is important to you and ask them to help you with making healthy choices.

If you implement these ideas you will be part of the 10% that does stick to their New Years Resolutions and you can share your success story with your friends.

If you need help learning how to lose weight without feeling deprived this program is for you-4 Week Kick Start Your Fat Loss Program.  You can read all about it at www.personaltrainingwithlisa/programs



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Holiday Workouts

December 17th, 2014    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition, personal training

During this time of year most people put their fitness workouts on the back burner.  This year you don’t have to.  I have created 2 workouts that are only 15 minutes long.  One workout is done with weights, the other workout is done with just your own body-so now you really have NO EXCUSES!

Take 15 minutes today to try one of these holiday workouts.  Your waistline will thank you!


Home for the Holidays Body Weight Workout


Calorie Busting Holiday Weight Workout


Enjoy and Merry Christmas!



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12 Days of Christmas Gifts Part 2

December 12th, 2014    Posted in exercise, fitness, nutrition, Uncategorized

For the last 12 days I have been listing health and fitness gifts you can give the loved ones on your Christmas list.  Today is Day 12.  Before I give you the 12th gift let’s recap the list.

Day 1-A cookbook for the at-home-chef in your life. I like all of Sandra Leecookbooks as well as Ina Garten new one-Make it Ahead. Betty Crocker also has a 1500 Calorie cookbook and a 3000 calorie cookbook that will wow you with all the great tasting recipes.

Day 2-This is the perfect gift for all the runners and outdoor walkers on your list. It holds your phone, money and has a hidden compartment for headphones. Find out more at

Day 3-A balance ball. This is the best tool to help strengthen your core, make exercises harder and it works your balance. You can find balance balls at most major retailers for under $25.00

Day 4-

Polar Loop Activity Tracker:

  •  tracks your activity 24/7 and provides guidance and motivation to reach your activity goals
  • Shows daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day and activity feedback on 85 LED display,Plus monitors sleep patterns
  • Automatically syncs to free Polar Flow app and training community via Bluetooth Smart

You can find this activity tracker on

Day 5-ANYTHING from Athleta or lululemon athletica
The clothes wash well, don’t shrink and look fabulous for a long time.

Day 6 and 7-Yoga mat and yoga toesox for the yogi on your Christmas list

Day 8-a foam roller. Foam rollers help stretch out tight / sore muscles

Day 9-The Ninja Blender. To make everything from your protein smoothies to homemade “ice cream” !

Day 10-Give your loved one a gift card for a massage. Massages are not only relaxing and helps relieve stress (did you know stress will make you gain weight!) but it will help ease sore muscles and joints.

Day 11-jewelry that motivates you

And last but not least DAY 12-

A gift card to Body Works, whether it’s for classes, a membership or personal training.

Give the gift of health this year to your loved ones.


Merry Christmas!

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12 Days of Christmas Gifts

December 4th, 2014    Posted in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I would put together a list of all my favorite items.  We are on Day 4 of our 12 Days of Health and Fitness Gifts.  I hope you have been able to use some of the gift ideas for the fitness fanatic on your list.


To recap:

Day 1-My favorite cookbooks.  Make it Ahead by Ina Garten, All of the Semi-Homemade Cookbooks by Sandra Lee and Betty Crocker has a 1,500 calorie a day cook book.

Day 2-Roo Sport-the perfect gift for a runner or outdoor walker.  The Roo Sport holds your phone, credit card and more.  You can buy it at

Day 3-A stability ball.  Everyone needs a stability ball.  It helps you build a stronger core, work on balance and can make a basic exercise seem a whole lot harder.

Today on Day 4 I give you the Polar Loop Activity Tracker:

  •  tracks your activity 24/7 and provides guidance and motivation to reach your activity goals
  • Shows daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day and activity feedback on 85 LED display,Plus monitors sleep patterns
  • Automatically syncs to free Polar Flow app and training community via Bluetooth Smart

You can find this activity tracker on

To continue to see the rest of the 12 Days of Fitness Gifts like us on facebook at


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