5 Tips For Staying Hydrated This Summer

5 Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer We all know the importance of drinking water-it helps flush out the extra sodium/toxians in your body, it helps with the bloated feeling, it fuels your body with the hydration it needs BUT sometimes it’s so boring to drink water all day long.  So, here are 5 tips…
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How To Lean Out And Change Your Body

How To Lean Out and Change Your Body with Personal Training Cardio is making you fat…WHAT?   This post is about how cardio alone in the gym will not give you the results you want to see. However, interval cardio COMBINED WITH weight lifting can get you the body you want quicker, easier, and you will…
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How To Reach Your Fitness Goal

How to reach your fitness goal When you walk into a gym do you feel overwhelmed?  Do you think, “What am I supposed to be doing to reach my fitness goal?” Your workout consists of logging in countless miles on the cardio machines because the thought of weight lifting is intimidating or you would have no…
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Afternoon Snack

Afternoon snack It’s 3:00pm and you get a craving for chocolate….what should you do?  Instead of reaching for a candy bar try this delicious new peanut butter and chocolate smoothie recipe.  It is chocolaty, peanut buttery, creamy, thick and satisfies the afternoon chocolate craving. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe 1/2 cup Chocolate coconut almond milk…
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Ab Workout To Help Your Golf Game

Ab Workouts to help your golf game   This is the perfect time to start a new workout program that will help you become a better golfer this season.  This program will help you get stronger and have more power in your swing.   Let’s get started with your ab exercises.  Having a strong core…
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