How To Be YOU In The Fitness World

How to be YOU in the fitness world Scrolling through the Instagram feed and you see a ton of fitness people trying to sell their  workouts.  Their workout is  “the best thing ever” they say, or how about the ones that say “do this workout and you will look like me”.  I am here to…
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5 Tips To Help You Stay On Track

5 Tips to Help You Stay On Track This Summer Summer is coming.  The sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer.  So why should you head into the gym when it’s nice outside?  You are probably telling yourself, “I’ll walk outside” or “yard work can count as my exercise”.  Why go into the…
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Are You Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

How YOU are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Could you be sabotaging your weight loss?  You’re probably thinking “No Way”.  But before you disregard this post read on and make sure you are not being your own worst enemy. When I am doing a consultation with a prospective client I always ask, “What have you tried…
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5 Fitness Tips For Golfers

5 Fitness Tips for Golfers Most people don’t think about fitness when they think about golf.  Knowing how to tailor your fitness program to help you during golf season will help you to become a better golfer.  Having a golf fitness program will help you to reduce your risk of injury and help you to…
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Women And Weights

Women and Weights Last night we hosted a Women and Weights Seminar at Body Works.   We went over the most commonly asked questions and went through proper form on 4 different exercises. If you want to see what we did in our Women and weights seminar click here and click here We had a fun time and…
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