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How To Blast Fat And Gain Lean Muscle

When you are at the gym do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?  Should you do group exercises classes, the treadmill, group training, and what the heck is semi private training.  Body Works offers a lot of different options to our members.  We want you to be able to choose what works best for your fitness goals…
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Fitness Tips For Beginners

Common “Things to Know” for the Exercise Beginner If you are thinking about starting up a workout routine as a beginner, there are some common tips to help you know what to expect in your workout and pointers to guide you to success I want to give you. The number one motivation I can say to you…
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Tips To Help You Get Back To The Gym

5 Tips to Help You Get Back to the Gym Did you take the summer off or go on vacation and just haven’t made it back to the gym yet?  These tips will help you get back to the gym and back to your workout routine.  Start with an easy workout.  Ease your way back…
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Overnight Oats Recipe

Overnight Oats Recipe In the winter months I love oatmeal.  I will put fruit in it, peanut butter in it, brown sugar…etc.  But in the summer months the last thing I want to eat is hot oatmeal.  I have been trying out some overnight oats (cold oats) recipes and I have not found one that…
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My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things-Summer Edition Happy Friday!  Today’s blog post is a bit different from the usual posts.  I decided to do a my favorite things-summer edition.  I have listed a few of my favorite things that I am loving right now.  I would love to hear what your favorite things are right now, so comment…
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